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Official State Chapters

SEIA has entered into a formalized partnership with its SEIA Chapters. These partnerships will coordinate the resources of both organizations and promote the growth of the solar energy market. A complete list of the official SEIA Chapters is below.

SEIA Chapter Contact Information:

Executive Director: Mark Holohan
Email: mark.holohan@wilsonelectric.net
Web: www.arizonasolarindustry.org

Executive Director: Dennis Wilson
Phone: (973) 886-0526
Email: dennis@renewablepowerinc.com
Web: www.mseia.net/index.html

Executive Director: Bernadette Del Chiaro
Email: bernadette@calseia.org
Web: www.calseia.org

Executive Director: Heidi Schoen
Phone: (314) 677-4076
Email: heidischoen@moseia.com
Web: http://moseia.com/

Executive Director: Rebecca Cantwell
Phone: (303) 333-7342
Email: rcantwell@coseia.org
Web: www.coseia.org

Board of Directors: David Sandbank
Email: david@onforcesolar.com
Web: www.nyseia.org

Executive Director: Wendy Parker Barsell
Phone: (407) 339-2010
Email: wendy@flaseia.org
Web: www.flaseia.org

Development Director: Craig Ernst
Email: craig@oseia.org
Web: www.oseia.org

President: Pete Corbett
Email: pcorbett@gaseia.org
Web: www.gaseia.org

President: Mary Shaffer Gill
Phone: (865) 813-2110
Email: mary@ariesenergy.com
Web: www.tenneseiasolar.com

Executive Director: Jeff Cantin
Phone: (504) 383-8936
Email: jcantin@gsreia.org
Web: www.gsreia.org

Executive Director: Russel E. Smith
Phone: (512) 345-5446
Email: rsmith@treia.org
Web: www.treia.org

Executive Director: Leslie Cole-Brooks
Email: leslie.cole-brooks@hsea.org
Web: www.hsea.org

Executive Director: Rex Gillespie
Phone: (414) 238-2365
Email: rex.gillespie@caleffi.com
Web: www.wiseia.org

Executive Director: Dana Sleeper
Email: director@mdvseia.org
Web: www.mdvseia.org




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