Live-Tweeting Tips for SEIA Events

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Twitter is a tool that connects users through short, real-time updates. Live tweeting connects users in real-time around a specific event. By participating in the real-time conversation, you can help frame the debate and establish yourself as a leader in the ongoing discussion and build a following.

You can live tweet from an event you are actually attending, or you can participate when you watch the event online or on TV--it just needs to be happening right now!

Before you go live, tell your audience what you will be doing. Do it several days in advance and again an hour or so before the event. Make sure you tell them what hashtag you will be using.

During the event:

  • Use at least one hashtag (#) so people can easily find your tweets, either in the moment or after the fact.
  • Use TweetChat or another service to follow what other people are saying about the event.
  • Give people a sense of place. What’s the scene like, how are people acting? Keep an eye out for trends, key moments, or shifts in momentum or mood. Share these observations.
  • Add notable quotes. Do something like this: Clinton: “Clearly, we need more incentives to quickly increase the use of wind and solar power.”
  • Watch the event’s hashtag and retweet other tweeple who are participating in the live tweet. This is the best way to make friends and build community!


  • # "hashtag" = convention for creating common category of information, like a "tag" (examples: #London2012, #ecomonday #solar).
  • Use hashtags that are relevant and mention them in the body of the tweet. For example:

right way: #solar makes the world go round! Find out what we mean! link

wrong way: #solar #energy #makes #theworld go round! #findout what we #mean! link. 

  • @ symbol = convention for public reply to another Twitterer, or attribution/reference to another Twitterer RT ("retweet") = convention for forwarding someone else's tweet to your own followers; SYNTAX: RT followed by @ symbol name, so RT @seia MESSAGE. You can also use "via" when not a direct retweet (i.e. via @seia). Retweets help you make friends!

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