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solarize.pngJune 21 is national #PutSolarOnIt Day of Action. To honor the occasion, why don't you put solar on your profile picture? Show some solar pride!

With just a couple of clicks, you could multiply the power of your solar and help  140mill.png people go solar!

Get started!

How does that work? Here’s the math.
You are a solar owner with 150.png friends (U.S. average). They each have 150.png friends. That’s 22500.png friends. So imagine if every U.S. solar owner shared their story. That would be 140000000.png more people knowing benefits of solar.

And even better, research shows that people who know somebody with solar, make the choice to go solar themselves 3x.png quicker. So by sharing your story on Facebook, you’ll be helping to build a huge solar community - faster. That's a whole lot of power for just one click.


About National PutSolarOnIt Day

This June 21st, the longest day of the year, a coalition of groups will come together in a National Day of Action to show support for switching to clean energy, fighting climate change, and the power of bringing solar power to communities all across the country.

2014 has been a breakout year for solar. Solar equipment costs continue to come down and installations continue to grow.  More solar energy generation has been installed in the U.S. in the last 18 months than in the 30 years prior, and solar energy is the leading source of new electric generation capacity so far this year.  The United States now has enough installed solar capacity to power more than 2.2 million homes. In many states, solar power is now competitive with other sources of energy without emitting the dangerous greenhouse gases that cause climate change.

The overwhelming judgment of science is that we need to act on climate. Solar energy is a win-win solution: this growing sector can create jobs, bring savings to consumers and reduce the production of dangerous carbon pollution that causes climate change.

All across America there are opportunities to #PutSolarOnIt – to turn our homes, our churches, our schools our lands and our neighborhood rooftops into solutions to climate change.  

June 21st is a National Day of Action for us all to find a way to #PutSolarOnIt by identifying, supporting, and rallying our social networks to support solar energy, or joining a local event to support a community based solar installation.


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