New SEIA Board Chair Says Vision Needed For Continued Solar Growth

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Congratulations solar, you’ve arrived!

Last year you accounted for the second-highest amount of new power generating capacity in the United States and employed more Americans than the domestic coal industry. You delivered an outstanding performance on Wall Street and helped homeowners save money with clean electricity on Main Street.

For decades the U.S. solar industry has been working to make it to the ‘major leagues’ in the energy markets. Now that we’ve arrived, our goal is to win the World Series, which means making solar one of the top three sources of energy in the world. 

Being one of the top three energy sources requires the solar industry to attract more capital, create more jobs and bring more companies into our industry. It also requires incentives and market rules that support responsible, competitive growth. The fastest way to achieve favorable incentives and rules is to make solar profitable for more energy market participants. 

Over the next 12 months, I am going to challenge our SEIA Board and team to articulate a vision and to plan a path to a world where solar is one of the top three energy sources globally. Executing against that vision and path will keep our industry among the fastest-growing in the world today.

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