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Clean Enviro Tech Corp.

Clean Enviro Tech Corp. is a developer and manufacturer of residential concentrating PVC generators.

Business type: Manufacturer/Supplier
420 N Nellis Blvd # A3-146
Las Vegas, NV 89110-5364
United States
(702) 926-9508

Kelly's 5 Distribution LLC

Exclusive distrubtion of cable stap gun new professional system to make cabling without limitation of diameter

Business type: Manufacturer/Supplier
The Modern Unit 226
8925 West Flamingo Road
Las Vegas, NV 89147
United States
(702) 523-8534
Meeting Minutes

February 20, 2014            

  1. Antitrust Warning
  2. Legislative Issues:
    • Fundraiser for Senator Wolk
      • The solar industry’s fundraiser for Senator Wolk will be held next Tuesday, February 25th in Davis.
      • Please let Steve know if your company plans to participate. A reminder that this event was rescheduled from November of last year. If your company contributed for last years postponed event you are welcome to attend.
  • SEIA Member Meetings w/ CEC Commissioners
    • SEIA has scheduled meetings with CEC Commissioners Janea Scott and David Hochschild on Thursday, March 6th.
    • Members interested in attending should RSVP to Steve.
  • SEIA Lobby Day
    • Planning for SEIA’s March 26th lobby day is underway. Steve will distribute additional details as they become available.
  1. Regulatory Issues:
    • CPUC Proposed Decision: NEM Grandfathering
      • Today, the CPUC issued its Proposed Decision on NEM grandfathering. Key aspects of the PD include 1) establishment of a 20 year transition period from the date of interconnection for all customers taking service prior to the earlier of July 1, 2017 or an IOUs NEM cap, 2) enabling transfer of system ownership without impacting NEM eligibility—however, relocation of the system will result in the customer being transitioned to the new NEM rules and 3) system modifications will not impact grandfathering terms “as long as the generation capacity is increased by no more than the greater of 10 percent of the existing system capacity or 1 kW, and is sized to meet but not exceed the customer’s peak load.”
      • Members expressed interest in having SEIA respond to the PD to address some of the findings of fact supporting the 20 year transition period, and again urge the CPUC to establish a term of 25 years or more in order to ensure customer expectations are met.  
      • The PD is expected to be voted on during the March 27th Commission meeting.
  • SEIA Protest: SDG&E Rate Design Window Application
    • A draft SEIA Protest of SDG&E’s Rate Design Window Application, which was filed earlier this month, is expected to be distributed for review by the end of next week. A final draft will be submitted by March 7th.
    • The main issue the protest will consider is SDG&E’s proposal to change the TOU periods for all customers. SEIA plans to request that this issue instead be addressed as part of SDG&E’s next GRC rather than in the more-narrow Rate Design Window proceeding.  
    • Other groups, including CalSEIA, TASC and Sierra Club have expressed interest in potentially filing jointly with SEIA.
    • Tom Beach is planning to review the Application in depth to ensure there are no other issues of significant concern.
  • Green Tariff Shared Renewables Program Implementation
    • PG&E has developed and socialized among interested parties its own Enhanced Community Renewables (ECR) proposal. A final proposal is due for filing tomorrow in accordance ALJ Clark’s directive.
    • SEIA, alongside IREC and Vote Solar, submitted joint informal comments to PG&E this afternoon in response to aspects of the proposal, including proposed project size limitations as well as concerns that, as proposed, a developer bringing a project to PG&E with significant customer interest would not be guaranteed a PPA as part of the ECR solicitation.
  • Rule 21: Smart Inverter Prehearing Conference
    • The CPUC held a Prehearing Conference yesterday regarding the recommendations of the Smart Inverter Working Group. The discussion was limited to how the Working Group recommendations should officially be brought into the record of the proceeding, as well what the process for considering the recommendations will look like moving forward.
    • SEIA’s Codes & Standards Working Group is handling this issue directly but is coordinating closely with Steve.
    • SEIA is supportive of moving forward with Phase 1 of the recommendations but has encouraged more time and discussion on Phases 2 and 3.
  • CPUC Proposed Decision: Rule 21 Distribution Group Study Process
    • Last week, the CPUC issued a Proposed Decision regarding the Rule 21 interconnection Distribution Group Study Process. Currently, all Rule 21 projects are studied on a first come first serve basis via the Independent Study Process; however, the PD attempts to streamline the process by establishing a Group Study Process that allows multiple projects to be studied at the same time.  
    • Despite areas of the PD that lack clarity, as well as proposing to limit the ability for projects to apply for the Group Study Process to only two 30-day windows per year, there has not yet been significant member interest in filing comments on the PD.
    • Based on discussions with other stakeholders it appears IREC is developing comments. Steve will see if there is an opportunity for sign on. Otherwise, SEIA likely will not file. 

Public Utilities Commission of NV


Business type: Other (non-financial)
1150 E. Williams St., Engr Div.
Carson City, NV 89701
United States
(775) 684-6165

Southwest Gas Corporation


Business type: Utility
5241 Spring Mountain Road, LVB-105
Las Vegas, NV 89131
United States
(702) 876-7214

Sunburst Energy Solutions, LLC

Sunburst Energy Solutions is a provider/installer of solar energy systems for all of your energy needs.

Business type: Contractor/Installer
10091 Park Run Dr Ste 190
Las Vegas, NV 89145-8868
United States
(702) 870-4488