Advancing Renewables in the Midwest

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March 28, 2013
University of Missouri Campus
Columbia, Missouri
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Preliminary list of speakers (*Updated 1/24/13)

Beyond Net Metering

Libby Leslie, Austin Energy

Utilities across the country are looking for a better model to balance costs and benefits from solar and other renewable energy than simple net metering. Austin Energy has undergone an in-depth study to plumb these issues and will provide attendees with their findings and their implementation into special rates for renewable energy customer co-generators.

The US Military’s Role in Advancing Renewable Energy

Jeremy Kalin, Coalition of Legislators for Energy Action Now (CLEAN)

Collectively the US Armed Forces are one of the largest energy using entities in the country. Find out how legislator champions from both side of the aisle in blue states, red states, and swing states came together to form an alliance to help push a national plan with military leaders that has helped change the renewable energy industry

A Breakthrough Energy Efficiency Program Between Employers and Employees

Keith Canfield, William J. Clinton Climate Foundation

Spawned by innovative Midwestern thinking a new model out of the Clinton Climate Initiative provides a program for employers to work with their employees to enhance energy efficiency at work AND at home. Find out how HEAL works by leveraging savings from commercial energy retrofits into investments in their employees home efficiency programs.

People of Faith Acting on the Call to Action for Climate Change

Susan Guy, Iowa Interfaith Power and Light (IPL)

Increasingly in the Midwest, leaders in a wide variety of denominations are becoming engaged in energy efficiency and renewable energy, not from purely economic grounds, but as a consequence of their responsibility as stewards of creation. Find out how IPL is helping foster communication between church leaders on renewable energy issues and examples of Iowa congregations that are taking action.

Twenty Billion Dollar Bonanza in the Southwest

Howard Geller, Southwest Energy Efficiency Project (SWEEP)

A study conducted by Mr. Geller’s group has shown some astounding economic growth potential through investment in best practice utility energy efficiency programs. By evaluating a wide array of benefits the study concludes that the Southwest region could gain multi-billion dollars that could provide needed economic stimulation. Find out what investments and benefits were considered to see if our Midwest region could enjoy such comparable savings.

The Midwest Energy Efficiency Bonanza

Stacey Paradis, Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance

Ms. Paradis will compliment the SWEEP presentation with examples of how utility-scale energy efficiency programs are providing wins for ratepayers and utilities in the Midwest.

The PTC ‘Cliff’: One more year, and then what?

Jeff Reinkemeyer, Iberdrola

The biggest challenge for wind companies has just started. The Production Tax Credit from the federal government that was set to expire after 2012 was – after much late stage negotiation - extended for another year, but not without a lot of changes. The extension is only for one year. How important is the PTC to wind and is there a plan for a future without it?

Poster Session: Advancing Renewables

New this year! Academic Poster Session, open to all grad students researching renewables & efficiency. Download the Poster Session Guidelines for full details and note the Feb 14th deadline. Good luck! Some sample topics could include, but are not limited to technology, feasibility, societal impacts. Posters may involve any discipline or sub-discipline, or subject matter area from meteorology, biology, chemistry or engineering, the social sciences, arts and the humanities. Projects will address topics such as Wind Energy, Biofuels, Solar, and Energy Efficiency, and could become small or large-scale utility projects. Have a poster to present? See this PDF form to make a submission.



March 28, 2013 (All day)


801 Conley Ave
Columbia, MO 65201
United States

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