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The U.S. Department of Energy will present a live webcast demonstrating its newly-released software to improve preliminary site screening and comparison for utility-scale PV projects. During this webinar, Idaho National Laboratory’s Scott Brown and Brigham Young University’s Dr. Dan Ames will present PVMapper and Site Designer, two complementary products developed through a multi-institutional partnership led by the Center for Advanced Energy Studies and Dr. David Solan of the Energy Policy Institute at Boise State University. 
Incorporating direction from the project’s industry steering team, the release candidates of these open-source applications include significant new features and stability improvements since the beta versions.  While PVMapper is designed specifically for utility-scale solar energy siting, it is also well-suited for siting other renewable technologies, as well as nuclear or fossil-fuel electricity generation plants. To improve the effectiveness of your current business analytics, register now for an exclusive introduction to these free software tools.
Who should attend?  Utility- and commercial-scale PV developers, designers, engineers, financiers and investors; panel manufacturers and suppliers across the solar energy value-chain; federal, state, and local authorities tasked with permitting functions; utilities and independent power producers; consultants performing alternatives analyses or environmental impact statements; and software programmers, GIS enthusiasts, and others within the open-source software community.  


August 20, 2014 - 4:00pm to 5:00pm EDT


United States

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