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Committees & Divisions

Committee participation provides a valuable leadership experience for you and networking opportunities to help your business. Contact SEIA today to learn more about joining our committees. If your company is not yet a SEIA member, you can learn more about how to join SEIA and the many benefits that come with SEIA membership.

SEIA Advisory Committees

SEIA Advisory Committees represent SEIA members and the industry, helping to shape the association's work on a variety of critical issues.

Environment, Health & Safety

Evaluates environmental, health, safety and sustainability issues to develop best practices for the solar industry.

Federal Affairs

Discusses new and developing legislative and regulatory issues, challenges and opportunities for the solar industry. See the committee list>>

Market Research

Analyzes the size, growth and trends of the U.S. solar market.


Contributes to membership recruitment and retention campaigns and member benefit development.

Public Relations

Creates SEIA's communications and messaging tools.

State Committees

The merger of SEIA and the Solar Alliance (SA) has added state committee level benefits to SEIA membership. These benefits include involvement in 12 state committees that include HI, CA, AZ, NV, CO, TX, MA, NJ, PA, MD, OH, and NY. State committee benefits include:

  • Participation in quarterly and weekly state meetings
  • Input on state policy and subsequent actions
  • Weekly call notes and related materials
  • Participation in external meetings

Note on SEIA Committee membership: Participation on SEIA committees is limited to members at certain membership levels. Contact SEIA today to learn more about joining our committees. If your company is not yet a SEIA member, you can learn more about how to join SEIA and get involved.

Membership Divisions

SEIA recognizes and champions all facets of the solar industry, whether you are an installer, manufacturer, project developer, financier or anything in between. Each SEIA member is entitled to membership in the one division that best represents their legitimate business interests. All four divisions are represented on the SEIA Board of Directors.

Distributed Generation (DG)

The Distributed Generation (DG) Division provides a forum for discussing issues important to businesses engaged in the deployment of customer-sited solar power systems. The division serves residential installers, commercial developers, EPC firms, DG finance firms and manufacturers focused on DG applications. Via periodic conference calls, social media, and other venues, members of the DG Division can receive important updates on codes, standards, safety, policy and finance and provide input to help steer SEIA’s advocacy efforts.

Solar Heating & Cooling (SHC)

SEIA's Solar Heating and Cooling Division includes member companies involved in solar water heating, solar pool heating, solar space heating, and solar cooling. Solar heating and cooling technologies are clean, reliable, and cost-effective technologies that reduce utility bills for thousands of homes and businesses. Today, Americans across the country are at work manufacturing and installing systems that significantly reduce our dependence on imported fuels. We need smart policies to expand this fast-growing job-producing sector.

Solar Services & Consumers (SSC)

This division is for Solar Service providers (law firms, accounting firms, engineers, banks and other debt providers and investors), financial and investment advisors, educational institutions and related organizations (and consumers of solar energy). Generally, this division serves SEIA members who support the advancement of the solar industry.

Utility-Scale Solar Power (USP)

The Utility-Scale Solar Power division includes photovoltaic, concentrating solar power and concentrating photovoltaic (CPV) projects. Concentrating solar power technologies include trough, power tower, compact linear Fresnel and dish systems which concentrate the thermal energy of the sun to drive a conventional steam turbine. Utility-scale projects often generate hundreds of megawatts of electricity, making them attractive as wholesale energy suppliers to utilities. The Utility-Scale Solar Power division serves those companies which develop these projects or manufacture, sell or install equipment for use in such projects.


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