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Million Solar Strong

Million Solar Strong

The adoption of solar energy in America has reached a new height of 1 million installations nationwide. This milestone is the product of American innovation and ingenuity. It is the result of consumers, policy leaders, advocates and an industry of over 200,000 workers who have all helped make the nation’s clean energy revolution a reality. 

In May 2016, solar advocates and allies across the country celebrated this incredible achievement by hosting events and generating buzz on traditional and social media. See below for the data behind this historic event, examples of what we accomplished, and how you can keep the buzz alive.

A Solar Declaration

For proof that solar energy enjoys widespread support in the United States, look no further than this official declaration, which has received support from more than 80 companies and organizations across ideological lines. These groups are joining together to recognize that the industry has raced past 1 million solar systems and is rapidly accelerating towards 2 million.

See who's signed up

#MillionSolarStrong Selfies

Check out all of the incredible folks around the country who are part of the #MillionSolarStrong in the album below! Do you want to join them? Download some signs!

Behind The Number

Download the Factbook

SEIA and the GW Solar Institute put together a brief report that summarizes some of the major drivers of solar growth and puts the million solar installations into context. 

Get the facts

#MillionSolarStrong is about more than just one number. Solar energy is a major force in America, and we have the data to prove it! Click on the images below to access a full size infographic that dives into more details about where we are. 


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  • Click to Tweet: It took 40yrs to reach 1 mil. US #solar systems. By 2018, there'll be 2 mil! We're #MillionSolarStrong and growing
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