Call for Nominations of Elected Leaders of the U.S. Solar Heating and Cooling Alliance- a division of SEIA

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U.S. Solar Heating and Cooling Alliance Call for Nominations of Elected Leaders, Info Session

The U.S. Solar Heating & Cooling Alliance (SHC Alliance) is a division of SEIA focused on growing the solar heating & cooling market through reducing barriers and advocating for policies on the federal, state, and local levels.

The objectives of the SHC Alliance are:

  • Vision: Catalyze a common vision and raise awareness with all stakeholders- including policymakers, potential customers, investors and financiers
  • Coordination: Serve as the coordinated go-to voice on industry issues to ensure your interests are protected
  • Collaboration: Energize the industry through collaboration and funding of collective priorities 
  • Action: Maintain and develop markets for your business to be a success!  

The SHC Alliance is governed by the U.S. Solar Heating and Cooling Council (SHC Council) which consists of elected leaders and contributing members at a certain level of contribution to the SHC Advocacy Fund. The elected leaders consist of a Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, and two additional rotating members. Only the Chair and Vice Chair are formal positions within SEIA.

The SHC Council is important for the success of the SHC Alliance and for the achievement of the goals of the SHC Alliance and SEIA. SEIA’s Nominating Committee is tasked with establishing the processes, timing and criteria for elections which is fair, transparent and non‐discriminatory.

This announcement calls for nominations of the elected leaders of the SHC Council. An info session will be held on Wednesday, January 23rd at 4pm Eastern to discuss the election process and the SHC Alliance. To join the info session on January 23rd please call 712-432-1680, access code 522822#. To see the powerpoint presentation click this link and type “seiameeting” into the space that says “join  someone’s screen”. 

This election is for a two‐year term (2013‐2014) for the Chair, Vice Chair, and Treasurer. The two additional rotating members will each serve a one-year term. The Chair will represent the SHC Alliance on the SEIA Board of Directors. The Vice Chair will serve as the Alternate for the Chair on the SEIA Board of Directors. Please see the nomination and election process on the next page.


1/14: Nominations open

1/23 at 4pm Eastern: Info session on SHC Alliance, election process

1/31: Nominations due

2/4: Nominations announced

2/4-7: Campaigning

2/11-14: Voting open, only one vote per SHC Alliance company

2/19: Announcement of elected leaders  


Nomination and Election Process

Any member of the SHC Alliance may submit a recommendation for any other member of the SHC Alliance to serve as chair, vice chair, treasurer, or the two additional rotating members, or may indicate interest on behalf of themselves. The Nominating Committee will take into consideration those individuals so identified in order to formulate a slate of nominees to be presented to the full SHC Alliance for vote.  Accordingly, the Nominating Committee has determined to ask prospective SHC Alliance elected leaders to indicate their interest in serving in this capacity by providing brief answers to the following questions (please limit combined response to a single page):

  1. Which elected leader position (Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, one of the rotating member positions) are you running for and why?
  2. Have you been an elected leader of any other trade association committee or equivalent position? If yes, please provide the name of the committee(s), number of years of service, and any positions held.
  3. What strengths and expertise will you bring as one of the elected leaders of the SHC Alliance?
  4. What has been your level of involvement in national SEIA?
  5. What is your length of service in the solar industry or relevant sectors?
  6. Are you able to dedicate time to attend one monthly SHC alliance conference call plus one in‐person SHC Alliance meeting per year, including preparation time?

Please include with your response your full contact information and a head shot. Please send all information to Suzanne Farris (sfarris [at] and Katherine Stainken (kstainken [at] by COB on Thursday, January 31st, 2013.

For more information please contact Katherine Stainken at 202-682-0556.

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