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#10: Texas
The Lone Star state is ranked second for rooftop solar POTENTIAL, but all the way down at ten for 2012 installations. That’s why we’ve named it, “Most Untapped Potential.” If you include all the usable land (not just rooftops) in Texas, you’ll have twice the solar potential of any other state. Tweet this fact

#9: Colorado
Colorado has critical state policies that empower customers to generate their own electricity and run their meters backward. The state has enough solar capacity to power 49,000 homes, which, if you were to stack up all the solar panels installed in Colorado, would reach three miles into the sky. That’s why we’re calling it the “3-Mile-High Solar State.” Tweet this fact

#8: Maryland
Maryland tops all other states in the nation in driving down solar installation prices. Smart state policy has encouraged a great deal of solar deployment, with 74.3 megawatts installed in 2012. It’s clear the solar industry is starting to take root--it’s already surpassed the state’s famous crab industry in value. Tweet this fact

#7: Hawaii
Hawaii gets a greater percentage of electricity from solar than any other state. Tweet this fact

#6: Massachusetts
Solar has quadrupled in Massachusetts this year, bolstered by strong solar policies. In fact, the solar industry is doing so well that it made more money installing panels than the New England Patriots did selling tickets! Tweet this fact

#5: North Carolina
North Carolina ranks fifth in our Top 10 Solar State rankings for solar installations in 2012 and it has 400 MW of solar in the pipeline for 2013. Much of this growth comes from systems less than 5 MW each, so it’s critical that the state protect its RPS and invest in good tax policies that support the growing industry. Tweet this fact

#4: Nevada
Nevada ranks second in our rankings for solar capacity per state resident and fourth in solar installations in 2012. There’s enough solar capacity installed in Nevada to power every household in the state capitol, Carson City. Tweet this fact

#3: New Jersey
New Jersey’s strong solar policies are helping to build a stronger, more resilient grid post-Sandy. In fact, there are so many solar businesses that they even outnumber tanning salons! Tweet this fact

#2: Arizona
Arizona installed more utility-scale solar in 2012 than any other state. Tweet this fact.

#1: California
California installed more solar than any other state in the nation in 2012. If it were it's own country, it would rank 7th globally in installed PV capacity. Tweet this fact.

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