PSE&G Looks to Former Landfill in Bordentown for Solar Field

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A former dump once littered with piles of trash could become home to rows of solar panels if PSE&G wins approval for the project. The public utility company is seeking preliminary and final site plan approval for a 9 megawatt solar array at the shuttered Parklands Landfill on Route 206.

A ballasted racking system would be used instead of a ground-mounted solar system because the state Department of Environmental Protection prohibits the penetration of landfill caps, said Todd Hranicka, director of solar energy for PSE&G. The solar panels would instead rest atop cement blocks.

The project, which would cover 40 acres, is part of PSE&G’s extended “Solar4All” initiative, which has turned its focus to the development of large-scale solar energy projects atop landfills and brownfields, Hranicka said.

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