Senate Adopts Solar Tax Credits

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Statement by Rhone Resch on Senate Adopting Amendment Extending Solar Tax Credits As Part of Housing Stimulus Bill

"The entire solar energy industry would like to thank Senators Cantwell and Ensign for their leadership and support of renewable energy.

"By an overwhelming margin, Republicans and Democrats came together in the Senate to support renewable energy as a means for stimulating our ailing economy. More than 85 percent of the public supports greater investment by the federal government in renewable energy. And Americans know that this move to stabilize the investment climate for solar energy is the right type of economic stimulus at the right time.

"Today’s vote sends a strong signal to the White House that with the right government policies, the solar industry can create thousands of green-collar jobs, spur billions in economic growth and help lift up the U.S. economy. This is must-past, bipartisan legislation that will benefit our economy, improve our energy independence and protect our environment. What could be more American than that?"



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