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Critical Materials & Rare Earths

According to the U.S. Department of Energy’s Critical Materials Strategy report, there are several critical materials that are crucial to the development of solar technologies. Although used in small amounts, rare earth minerals and other critical minerals are an essential element to the development and manufacturing of solar technologies. Due to this factor, and the current lack of viable alternatives, rare earth minerals and other critical minerals are essential to the production of solar technologies.

Securing the supply-chain of solar products is of increasing importance to the industry as manufacturing efforts and US exports increase. The US solar industry faces strong competition from foreign manufacturers with access to lower-cost materials.

Through SEIA's Environment, Health, & Safety Committee, our members provide input to the development of legislation relating to critical materials, and we continue to monitor and advise our members on upcoming legislation.

(Source: Critical Materials for Sustainable Energy Applications, Resnick Institute, California Institute of Technology)