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Collaboration on International Trade

SEIA's International Trade division engages with leading global trade associations, government agencies and business leaders in order to promote the development of the solar industry and its associated economic and environmental benefits.  One pillar of the global trading system is collaboration and competitive cooperation.  SEIA believes that as the voice of the U.S. solar industry, we must be a proactive leader in the development of a strong system for international trade in solar energy products.  

To learn more about our collaborative efforts regarding government support programs please visit our Local Content Provisions page.

APEC Initiative

SEIA and the Chinese Renewable Energy Industries Association (CREIA) have been working together to engage the member governments of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) in a trade dialogue on solar and other clean energy products.  We believe this conversation between governments and industry leaders will provide an excellent framework for a much larger, global agreement on acceptable solar energy policy.  

Multilateral Consensus Document on Acceptable Government Support Programs for Solar

SEIA strongly believes there is a role for government support for the solar industry - understanding the value of solar energy in a strong economy and sustainable energy development.  However, given the rapid growth of the solar industry and relative infancy of government support programs, SEIA feels there is an urgent need to agree upon acceptable forms of government support.  Concurrent with our APEC initiative, SEIA is currently developing a voluntary multilateral consensus document  that would clarify WTO-acceptable government support programs.  

SEIA Statements in Support of Collaboration

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Growing Trade Conflict Has the Potential to Severely Slow Solar's Global Growth

SEIA Seeks Mutually-Satisfactory Resolution of Growing U.S.-China Solar Trade Conflict

SEIA Calls on Governments and Industry Groups to Pursue Global Dialogue on Solar Trade Conflict

Additional Resources

Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) - APEC is a consortium of Asia-Pacific economies that work in a collaborative environment to promote sustinable economics growth for the region.