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Case Study
PDF icon Fort Hood solar heating case study.pdf

SunMaxx Solar installed a large solar water heating system at the Fort Hood military base in Texas. Located approximately 60 miles from the state capital of Austin, Fort Hood covers a total of 340-square miles and supports multiple units, a corps headquarters and a robust mobilization mission. The installation was completed in early spring 2011, and will include six solar water heating systems to meet the domestic hot water needs of six different buildings on the base. The systems will incorporate a total of 198 SunMaxx TitanPower Plus-SU2 flat plate solar collectors, one of the highest rated flat plate solar collectors in the industry, and will provide 30-50 percent of the energy necessary to meet the domestic hot water load. System efficiency is expected to be 60-80 percent, and will reduce annual carbon emissions by a significant amount.

The system was installed by Intelligent Green Solutions (IGS), an authorized SunMaxx solar water heating installer located in Ithaca, New York.

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