Financing Projects with SRECs: Maryland, Massachusetts, and Washington, DC

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Originally recorded on June 13, 2013

SRECs have been critical to driving solar development on the East Coast. However, as market conditions become increasingly complex, what is the best strategy for financing projects in these SREC markets? Panelists discussed the following:

  • Strategies for financing projects in three of the most promising East Coast SREC markets - Maryland, Massachusetts, and Washington, DC
  • Factors that may affect the value of this commodity-based incentive
    • supply and demand
    • pending and recently passed legislation
    • unique market dynamics such as the Massachusetts Clearinghouse
  • SREC market oversupply and the feasibility of securing a long-term contract in these markets

Listeners will deepen their understanding of:

  • Supply and demand dynamics in the MD, MA, and DC markets
  • Recently passed and pending legislation, and how it will affect SREC markets
  • Whether or not long term contracts opportunities exist in the markets and if they don’t, the best SREC Strategy in each market
  • Factors that make each market unique and how that affects prices
  • Spot Market and process for long term strips in each market
  • How to finance large commercial projects in SREC states

Who should listen:

  • Developers in developing projects in the Maryland, Massachusetts & DC markets
  • Solar investors looking to gain access to the MD, MA & DC markets
  • Solar Installers operational or hoping to gain access to the MD, MA or DC markets

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