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Agawam building permits.pdf Agawam PILOT Agreements.pdf Berkley Bldg Permit.pdf Berkley PILOT - executed.pdf East Bridgewater - bldg permit.pdf East Bridgewater - pilot solarwind.pdf Easton - Building Permit.pdf Easton - Solar Power Purchase Agreement July 2012.pdf Holyoke - Building Permits.pdf Holyoke PILOT Agreement - Mueller Rd and Meadow St Solar.pdf Holyoke-Citizens PILOT Agreement 11-16-2011.pdf Ludlow Bldg Permit.pdf Ludlow Net Metering agreement.pdf Rochester Signed PILOT agreement 6.4.12 (1).pdf Scituate Solar PPA.pdf Scituate_280_Driftway_Permit.pdf Shrewsbury PILOT Agreement - 2012.pdf Shrewsbury solar Farm - bldg permit.pdf Stow - 2012-08-12 ltr from Hudson Light and Power Purchase Power Agreement.pdf Stow - decision.pdf Stow - PILOT Agreement (Tax) - Delaney St.pdf Stow - PILOT.pdf Uxbridge - Bldg Permit.pdf Uxbridge Constellatation Final 061011.pdf Uxbridge Final NEG Agreement 062911.pdf Uxbridge Final PILOT Constellation 062911.pdf Greenfield BuildPermit.Cert_.Completion.pdf Greenfield Solar PPA Final 6-1-10 w Amendment and Signatures.pdf

In Massachusetts, developers have faced a number of issues surrounding tax valuations of solar projects. In order to help provide a bit of clarity on this issue, SEIA has sought to collect the payment-in-lieu-of-taxes (PILOT) agreements of successfully completed projects. It is our hope that these documents will be a starting point for the Department of Energy Resources to compile a complete database that will provide local assessors the information and guidance needed to properly valuate solar arrays in their towns. In developing this list, we have limited ourselves to projects that have an executed agreement (PILOT or PPA) and a pulled building permit. The average agreement is approximately $6,500 per MW DC per year, normalized to a 20 year agreement.

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