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National Solar Survey

National polls have consistently shown that solar energy is widely supported by U.S. voters.

For the fifth consecutive year, SEIA has worked with researchers to conduct a nation-wide survey of voters on their attitudes toward solar. This year, the survey found that about nine out of ten Americans (92 percent) think that the United States should develop and use more solar energy. Voters also prefer solar specifically, with 85 percent of voters and 87 percent of swing voters supporting solar over all other sources of energy. 

Support for solar is strong across the political spectrum as well, with 75 percent of Republicans, 89 percent of Independents, and 94 percent of Democrats agreeing that the United States should develop and use more solar. The survey also found that nearly eight out of ten Americans (78 percent) feel that the federal government should incentivize solar development. Seven out of ten Americans feel that the federal government should be doing more to support solar.

Solar employs more than 100,000 Americans at 5,000 businesses in nearly all 50 states. Solar means business for companies, savings for homeowners, education for schools, jobs for communities, and more. With overwhelming support across all political affiliations – Republicans, Democrats and Independents - it’s clear that solar has strong support from the American people.

About Hart Research Associates:

Founded in 1971, Hart Research Associates is one of the top survey research firms in the U.S., using the most cutting edge techniques in the field of public opinion for more than 30 years. Hart Research has conducted more than 5,000 public opinion surveys as well as administered and analyzed interviews for more than three million people. They have conducted research projects for various advocacy and non-profit groups, corporations, political parties and candidates, and media outlets. Their goals are not only to provide useful information to the public, but to provide valuable guidance through their survey research on how to best make business decisions.

About SCHOTT Solar:

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