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Solar Means Business Report

Corporate Solar Use Shatters Record

Released Oct 15, 2013

solar means business reportThe Solar Energy Industries Association and Vote Solar have released the annual Solar Means Business reportranking the top brands in the U.S. based on their installation of solar power at their warehouses, stores and facilities. The Top 25 Corporate users have deployed more than 445 MW of solar energy at nearly 1000 facilities in 30 states. These 25 companies produce enough power on their own to power 73,400 American homes.

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Press Release

commercial solar installationThe Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) and the Vote Solar Initiative (Vote Solar) today released the annual Solar Means Business report, identifying major commercial solar projects and ranking America’s top corporate solar more

Press Hangout

google hangout thumbJoin us for the press launch of this report. We will be using Google Hangout to introduce the report to journalists and anyone else who wants to get a first look at the more


google hangout thumbThe most iconic brands in the U.S. are recognizing that installing solar gives them a competitive edge in today's market. Check out the top 10 businesses that have #GoneSolar in the infographic below...check it out

Photo Gallery

commercial solar installationMore than one out of every three Americans – 117 million people – live within 20 miles of at least one of the installations in the Solar Means Business Report. Expore photos of the installations at corporate retail sites, factories and data centers...see them all

Interactive Map

map of solar companiesAs of Q2 2013, the cumulative commercial solar deployment totaled 3,380 MW, located at more than 32,800 facilities throughout the country and representing an increase of over 40 percent from last year. See where the top corporations in the U.S. have installed solar...see the map

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