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See where the top corporations in the U.S. have installed solar. Our U.S. Corporate Solar Projects map was developed using the research from the Solar Means Business: Top Commercial Solar Users Report.

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About the Map

To learn more about commercial users of solar energy, see Solar Means Business 2014.

Solar energy makes financial sense. That's why business leaders in America's brightest, most competitive companies are increasingly choosing to install solar energy systems at their facilities. For the third year in a row, not only are more businesses choosing solar but those that have already used solar in the past are doing so again and again on rooftops across America. Walmart, Kohl's, Costco, Apple, Ikea and more have all embraced solar energy. Collectively, the top U.S. companies covered in this analysis now have 1,110 systems totaling 569 megawatts (MW), generating enough electricity to power more than 115,000 homes. And these companies are installing even more.

For the second straight year, U.S. businesses, non-profits and government organizations installed more than 1,000 MW of new photovoltaic (PV) solar installations. As of mid-2014, there were 4,531 MW of commercial solar PV installed on 41,803 business, non-profit and government locations throughout the U.S. This third edition of Solar Means Business chronicles the continued and growing deployment of the leading commercial solar users in the U.S. For this edition, researchers attempted to contact all Fortune 100 companies, as well as a number of additional businesses with known significant solar portfolios, to gather data. The increased solar adoption by major corporations shown in this report reflects the growth displayed in the overall commercial solar sector over the last year.

Some comapany facilities that have gone solar could not be mapped due to incomplete or inadequate (i.e. PO Box) address data. In some cases, the location of a pin on the map may not line up with the actual location of a company because the geocoding of the address may not have produced a precise latitude and longitude, and instead resolved to a more coarse location such as the center of a zip code or city.

Company solar system size data was obtained from outreach to Fortune 100 companies as well as publically available data.

Developed by the Solar Energy Industries Association

Last updated: Sept 2014

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