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2016 Sustainability Accomplishments


Our People

  • Held an electronics recycling day in April 2016, providing staff with an opportunity to dispose of personal and workplace electronics in a responsible manner

Our Workspace

  • Established an internal working group that oversees SEIA's sustainability efforts, including drafting a value statement that positions sustainability as a core element of our work and launching a dedicated webpage to showcase our goals and accomplishments
  • Purchased Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs) to match the electricity usage from our Washington, DC office

Our Programs & Events

  • Launched a PV Recycling Program that encourages sustainable end-use practices for PV projects, including incentivized pricing mechanisms for SEIA members
  • Created a tracking tool to monitor progress on sustainability goals for meetings and events
  • Developed a Women's Empowerment Series of events and actions that support the increasing role of women leaders in the solar industry