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Thursday, Jul 18, 2024

No Roof, No Problem: How to Become a Solar Customer Without Installing Rooftop Solar Panels

With increasing pressure on family budgets and the U.S. electricity grid, more Americans are turning to solar to take control of their energy needs. While not everyone can put a solar array on their roof, renters, condo owners, low-to-moderate income households, and other energy users can still access the benefits of solar.

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Thursday, Jul 18, 2024

Solar and Storage Industry Commends Massachusetts House for Passing Critical Legislation to Accelerate the Clean Energy Transition

BOSTON, Mass. — The Massachusetts House of Representatives passed H.4876, a critical piece of legislation that addresses key challenges facing the solar and storage industry in the Commonwealth.

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Tuesday, Jul 16, 2024

8 Tips for Maximizing Your Home Solar Savings in 2024

Scientists expect that summer 2024 will bring some of the hottest temperatures on record. The higher temperatures mean greater demand for electricity and that often leads to higher prices for families. Luckily, the growth of solar power and battery storage is helping to protect customers and stabilize the grid when temperatures soar.

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Upcoming Events
Thursday, Jul 25, 2024

WEBINAR: Navigating DEIJ in Healthcare Benefits: Empowering Employers and Employees

Join us for an informative webinar exploring the crucial intersection of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice (DEIJ) within the healthcare benefits landscape. Whether you're an employer navigating renewal conversations or an employee seeking to understand your rights and opportunities, this session is tailored to address your needs.

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Thursday, Aug 1, 2024

WEBINAR: Real Talk: Why Solar Companies Should Pay Attention to Consumer Protection in the States

As residential solar and storage rapidly grows, state lawmakers are fielding an increase in the number of constituent concerns about the way the industry is operating. As a result of these concerns, some state lawmakers and regulators are looking for solutions to solve these challenges.

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Tuesday, Aug 6, 2024

Strategies for Recruiting, Hiring and Retaining Military Talent: A Toolkit for Solar Industry Employers

This recently published toolkit is intended to support solar employers with resources, strategies, and best practices to recruit, hire, and retain military connected talent across all levels and sectors of the solar workforce.

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