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SEIA’s Commitment to Ethical Standards

A Message from Rhone Resch, President and CEO of SEIA

Every person who works in the solar industry has an impact on how the public perceives solar energy and the entire industry. Besides delivering high-quality products and services, each of us needs to operate with the utmost integrity and play by the rules. At SEIA, we take ethics, as well as full compliance with all laws and regulations, seriously.  We require all companies to sign the SEIA Code of Ethics upon joining SEIA.

We are also working with our members to ensure responsible and sustainable business practices across the solar industry supply chain. In 2010, SEIA established its internal Environment, Health and Safety Committee, which now represents more than 40 solar energy companies. In 2012, the committee established a set of solar industry guidelines to promote environmental and social responsibility. We encourage all SEIA members to sign on to the Solar Industry Commitment to Environmental and Social Responsibility to ensure we keep solar energy clean and safe for all.

With nearly 174,000 Americans working in the solar industry today, each of us should act in the highest ethical manner every day to exemplify the values of our fast-growing industry that is so critical to our nation, both today and tomorrow.

Rhone Resch
President & CEO

SEIA’s Code of Ethics

As SEIA member, you are a part of an organization that is recognized for its commitment to maintaining the highest ethical standards for the solar energy industry. SEIA's members represent every sector of the solar industry and every type of business, from multi-national manufacturers to local installers. All SEIA member companies have agreed to adhere to SEIA’s Code of Ethics and understand that SEIA will take steps to uphold that commitment against any member company that violates our code of ethics.

Any person may bring an ethics complaint to SEIA’s attention. Learn more about SEIA’s Complaint Resolution Process.