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Support a Strong Industry to Power America

The Solar Energy Industries Association is building a strong solar industry to power America. We can't do it alone. Powerful organizations are leveraging their resources to lobby congress and your state legislatures to stop the solar industry from growing. Please join our list and support our advocacy in your state!


Supporting pro-solar policymakers and candidates is critical to growing the solar market in the United States.

Advocacy Network

Solar advocates and industry need to speak with one voice to make solar policy change happen.
We can make solar power a mainstream energy source with support from people like you.

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Net Metering

Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC)

Stalled Solar Projects in Massachusetts

It's been over a year since Massachusetts utilities hit the net metering cap. Tell your legislator not to keep solar on hold and get the Bay State back to work!

Taking Action With Congress: The Tools You'll Need to Succeed

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Join the Solar Power Advocacy Network

Join the Solar Power Advocacy Network