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The near-term growth of the U.S. solar industry is dependent, in part, on national and state policy. One way SEIA can be an effective public policy advocate for the solar industry is through a strong and vibrant PAC. As a maturing industry, we have a responsibility to support policymakers who will back pro-solar policies and provide financial contributions to the political campaigns of key policymakers.

Political action is the highest responsibility of a citizen.

-John F. Kennedy

The SEIA Political Action Committee
(SolarPAC) allows the solar industry to support federal candidates who are committed to expanding the use of solar technologies in the global marketplace and who will promote a legislative and regulatory climate favorable to our industry.

If you are a member of SEIA, learn more about SolarPAC on your MySEIA page.

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Upcoming Solar Industry Fundraisers:

Senator Maria Cantwell (D-WA): Lunch on Tuesday May 24, Washington, DC hosted by SEIA staff, Kathy Weiss (First Solar), Andrew Blittersdorf (AllEarth Renewables), and Ryan Creamer (sPower)

Congressman Tom Reed (R-NY/23): Breakfast on Wednesday June 15, Washington, DC. Sponsored by SolarCity PAC

Congressman Mike Thompson (D-CA/5): Breakfast on Wednesday, July 13, Washington, DC

Upcoming In State Fundraisers:

Senator Michael Bennet: Bennet Vail Retreat-March 3-6Salazar Reception-March 23, DenverMunger Reception Blast-March 30, Boulder 

Senator Richard Burr: Ingram Reception-February 15, Durham NC

Senator Orrin Hatch: 

Senator Dean Heller: HellerHighWaterPAC Vegas Weekend-March 18-19

Congressman  Holding: 

Congressman Tom Reed: Golf Outing-June 6-7, Rochester NY,  Big Sky Montana-August 2-5

Senator Harry Reid: Las Vegas Weekend-March 18-20


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