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Solar Power Advocacy Network

At SEIA, we tell the positive story of solar energy to policymakers from Congress to your community. While the industry data and analyses that our professional staff create are helpful, most elected officials want to hear from the people living and working in their communities.

Change starts with you.

Join the Solar Power Advocacy Network!

The sun provides energy for all living things on Earth, and we can make solar energy a mainstream energy source in America with support from people like you.

Those of us with a stake in solar energy can best tell the stories of how it is improving the lives of regular people. From the plant worker whose solar job pays for his kids' college tuition, to the business-owner who hires a new employee with her solar electricity savings, the lesson is clear: solar energy is changing the lives of people across America. Memorable, compelling, and authentic stories are among the most powerful tools for building a national groundswell of support for solar energy.

When you join the Solar Power Advocacy Network, you add your voice to thousands of other solar advocates, reaching policymakers and influencers around the country. Encouraging American innovation and creating thousands of new jobs in clean energy should be a top priority for policymakers in every city and every state in the U.S. By working together, we ensure our political leaders support a strong solar industry in the United States.

Sign up by following the link above and you'll periodically receive emails with breaking solar news, updates, and opportunities to engage your elected officials on solar legislation. SEIA's state and federal policy experts will bring you up to speed on the issues and make it easy to reach out to your state and federal representatives.

You can send an email, make a phone call, write a letter-to-the-editor of your local news publication, or attend in-person events with your elected officials. You can also use social media tools like Twitter and Facebook to make sure your representatives understand that solar energy is important to you. We'll keep you informed and walk you through every step along of the way. 

And thanks. We can't do this without you. 


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Join the Solar Power Advocacy Network

Join the Solar Power Advocacy Network