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Monday, Apr 17, 2017

An Apology to Dr. Julianne Malveaux

The Solar Energy Industries Association and its leadership is writing to apologize to the journalist Julianne Malveaux.

Wednesday, Nov 09, 2016

Note from SEIA's Tom Kimbis on the 2016 Election

I know many of you had a late night as we all did at SEIA, watching returns come in and probably feeling as surprised as many of the pollsters.In fact, we've just experienced a historic phenomenon in our election process, the consequences of which we cannot begin to truly appreciate, in magnitude or direction, in these first few hours.  It may take days, weeks, or years before we begin to understand what this election has demonstrated about our nation and our fellow Americans.

Wednesday, Dec 23, 2015

Letter to DC PUC Opposing Exelon-Pepco Merger

On December 23, 2015, SEIA submitted a letter on behalf of the solar industry to the Public Service Commission of the District of Columbia in opposition to the proposed merger between Pepco Holdings and Exelon, two regional utilities. Read the full text of the letter here>>

Monday, Oct 20, 2014

Rhone Resch Opening Remarks at SPI 2014

The following remarks were given Oct. 20, 2014. -- Good afternoon everyone.   Welcome to Las Vegas.  Even if you don’t gamble – and even if you don’t know it – right now you are up to your neck in a high-stakes, no-limit poker game. So let me start off by asking you a very simple question: Is your job important to you?  Is it?  Let’s see a show of hands.  Raise them high.  Now look around the room.  What do you think?  Well, the answer should be pretty obvious. 

Friday, Jul 25, 2014

Solar Means Business 2016 Data Collection

Don't miss your chance to be included in the industry’s premier report on solar installations at corporate warehouses, offices, and stores. The Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) is now collecting data for the fifth edition of the Solar Means Business report, which ranks the top corporate users of solar energy in the United States.

Monday, Jun 16, 2014

Ohio Gov. Kasich signs bill freezing solar, wind goals

On June 14, 2014, Ohio Gov. John Kasich signed a contentious bill delaying the phase-in of Ohio's renewable energy and efficiency targets and repealing advanced energy mandates the state put in place in 2008.Read more>>

Tuesday, Jun 10, 2014

Current Solar Commitment Signatories:

SEIA has worked with its membership and external stakeholders to develop The Solar Industry Commitment to Environment and Social Responsibility (Solar Commitment). The Solar Commitment is open to any entity in the solar value chain, and is completely voluntary with no cost to join.

Tuesday, Mar 25, 2014

SEIA Q&A with U.S. Treasury 1603 Program

SEIA Vice President Tom Kimbis and SEIA Board Members held a call with the Treasury 1603 Program to review some of the inefficiencies of the program administration. View a copy of the call recap (PDF), including SEIA’s notes on Treasury’s responses.

Monday, Mar 10, 2014

Solar Tax Policies Help Level the Playing Field

In February's PHOTON International, SEIA president and CEO Rhone Resch writes about the solar Investment Tax Credit and smart public policies in the face of tax reform.  PHOTON_I_2014-02-excerpt.pdf

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