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The Best Thing We Can Do for Solar Workers This Labor Day: Extend the ITC

Monday, Sep 02 2019

SEIA Comms Team

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We can’t say it enough: our 242,000 workers are the solar industry’s greatest resource. This is true for the strength and innovative spirit of our sector, but also for the immense value that solar provides to American communities, our economy and our grid.

As with any industry, market certainty and smart policy are critical to business success and job security for workers. SEIA’s role is to fight for that policy, so that solar can continue to create jobs and expand into new markets. That’s why we are pushing to get the 30% solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) extended this year.

Job growth is a bipartisan priority in Washington, and the solar ITC has helped make solar installer the fastest growing job in the United States, adding 200,000 jobs since 2006. This Labor Day marks an opportunity for Congress to deliver a win to American workers.

After all, that is what Labor Day represents, a day to recognize the achievements of workers. You will be hard pressed to find an industry that has grown and achieved more than solar in the last decade, budding from a distant opportunity to a formidable player in the U.S. electricity market today. That is thanks to our workers and advocates, and now is not the time to turn our backs on the single most successful policy driver for deploying solar energy and helping build that workforce.

Primergy Solar Photo: Primergy Solar

Don’t take it from us though, local solar businesses are all-in on an ITC extension:

“The solar ITC creates jobs in every sector of our community, I am talking everyone. Our local lenders, roofers, banks, home depot, solar distribution, shippers, electricians, gas stations, auto and truck dealers. I mean everyone in the community is tied to solar in some way.” – Dirk Hosmer, CEO, San Diego Solar Inc. (San Diego, CA)

“Solar is a jobs engine. Any decrease in solar energy installation resulting from the end of the ITC will directly decrease the number projects, and subsequently decrease the number of employment opportunities.” – Adam Larner, Senior Director, Primergy Solar (Oakland, CA)

“I have personally seen the solar industry turn family's lives around because of the abundant opportunity the ITC has provided.” – Aaron Weymann, CEO, Kayo Energy (Tempe, AZ)

On this Labor Day, we thank the thousands of Americans nationwide that have a career in solar for making this industry what it is today. We urge Congress to #DefendTheITC to help honor these workers, and build on our shared priorities of growing the economy, creating jobs and reducing emissions.

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The Best Thing We Can Do for Solar Workers This Labor Day: Extend the ITC

Our 242,000 workers are the solar industry’s greatest resource.

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