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Give the Sun a Break: Solar Eclipse in California

Wednesday, Aug 16 2017

Comms Team

On August 21st, California will have a once-in-50-years solar eclipse that will block most of the sunlight across the state. On this day, we're calling on Californians to “give the sun a break” by choosing to save energy rather than using gas plants. We are asking you to take a simple step to save energy during the eclipse by making a pledge on

In 2016 solar represented 13% of California’s electricity generation. During certain points of this spring, solar and other renewables served two-thirds of California’s electricity needs. As the state has experienced a searing summer, solar has proven to be our most reliable energy source, helping keep the lights on as record-breaking heat has forced the shut down of gas plants.

On the morning of August 21st, this important and reliable source of energy will be largely unavailable for about 2 hours as the state experiences a solar eclipse. The California electric system operator, the California ISO, has plenty of gas and hydro resources to fill the gap. But instead of firing up gas plants during the eclipse, wouldn’t it make more sense to galvanize Californian’s support for clean energy to reduce energy? California has become the most efficient state, with nearly rooftop solar adopted by 700,000 Californians; Californians are enthusiastic clean energy adopters. By taking action to the reduce energy during the eclipse, Californian’s can affirm their support for clean energy.

What we need you to do: Right now, take 2 minutes to make a pledge at Your pledge can be a simple step of replacing your light bulbs with LEDs, turning up your thermostat by a couple of degrees or unplugging electronics during the eclipse. A small action, made by many Californians, will make a big statement for clean energy.