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GM Shows That Solar Can Power American Manufacturing

Friday, Aug 12 2016

Morgan Lyons

General Motors has taken a big, green step in the world of manufacturing, installing an 850 kW solar array at its Bowling Green assembly plant in Kentucky, which Smart Energy Decisions details here. The development of this solar system by a company like GM not only sets the precedent for investing in renewable energy, but also that American manufacturing can rely on solar to power its facilities in a sustainable and affordable way.

It is only appropriate that this solar array powers the assembly plant that makes the Chevrolet Corvette, the most efficient and highest EPA highway rated sports car on the market.

General Motors has been a member and partner of SEIA’s since 2013, and is ranked as one of the top 25 solar-powered companies in the U.S. “Projects like this solar array at our Bowling Green plant help send a message that renewable energy is a sustainable and affordable choice for manufacturing,” said GM’s Global Manager of Renewable Energy, Rob Threlkeld, in a statement.

GM’s commitment to solar is evident, as they have added 10 solar arrays to their facilities and helped launch the Business Renewables Center as a way to accelerate renewable energy use. "As the automotive industry leader of solar energy use in the United States, we want to demonstrate the benefits of solar use, like reducing our impact on the environment and providing value to our customers and investors," GM’s Threlkeld continued.

SEIA applauds General Motor’s initiative to make solar a staple and a priority in the automotive industry. Its global solar footprint stretches across 48 megawatts at 22 facilities, and it has established itself as the renewable energy leader for other automotive companies to model after.