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Sneak Peak: SEIA Ushers In A New Digital Era

Tuesday, Aug 22 2017

Comms Team


Solar energy is considered to be one of the most cutting-edge and entrepreneurial technologies in today’s economy. Solar companies are thought leaders and innovators, constantly pushing boundaries and breaking new ground. That’s why it’s so important that SEIA, the national association that represents these pioneers, continue to lead by example and stay relevant in today’s technology-focused world.

To that end, we are incredibly excited to announce that on September 10th, the day Solar Power International kicks off in Las Vegas, SEIA will be unveiling a newly redesigned digital experience for our members and the general public. With a freshly revamped and a new online community for our members, we’re ushering in a new digital era that will further educate the public on the importance of solar energy, support solar companies as they continue growing the industry, and advocate for the expansion and adoption of solar nationwide.

For a glimpse into why we’re so thrilled to roll out these new websites, here is a sampling of some new functions and features of SEIA’s digital presence:


The solar industry enjoys widespread public support and a customer base numbering nearly 1.5 million. We want to make it as easy as possible for advocates and allies of solar to spread the word far and wide, and expand our reach to communities across the country. By incorporating new and improved social share functionality throughout the entire website, we are giving you everything you need to be a solar champion!


There is so much more to solar than gigawatts of installed capacity. Our industry is complex and fast-moving, and SEIA matches that vibrant energy by working on everything under the sun – from codes & standards to rate design, federal tax incentives to workforce diversity. This wide spectrum of topics and issue areas is now easily accessed and organized in the new You can browse or search for the aspect of solar you’re looking for, and find related resources, events and more all in one convenient place. 


If there's one thing we've learned over the years here at SEIA, it's that the solar industry is a place where deals get done and networking is paramount. That's why we've created a new dedicated online space for our members to communicate, collaborate and work together as we build a strong solar industry that powers America. We’ve named this new community The Sphere, short for Heliosphere, an all-too scientific name for that big ball of energy in the sky that powers our industry. But The Sphere also refers to the circle of influence and connections you can build with this exciting new tool.