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Solar Businesses Offer a Helping Hand to Communities Affected by COVID-19 (Part 3)

Thursday, Aug 20 2020

Southwest Partners

Image Courtesy of Savion

With COVID-19 cases still surging in the United States, solar companies continue to step up to make an impact in their communities and help our country #RebuildBetter. Here’s how several solar companies are giving back to their fellow Americans during this crisis.

Savion Provides Support to Local Communities in Need Across the Country

Savion, a solar + energy storage company based in Kansas City, MO, has seen firsthand how the pandemic is impacting communities in which they work. The Savion Project Development team initiated a COVID Relief Effort to provide financial support to organizations on the front lines of the crisis.

Richland County, Wisconsin saw many of its small businesses struggle during the shutdown. Savion worked with Southwest Partners who created the COVID CARING CASH program, an initiative that allows individuals to purchase gift cards that can be used at local businesses. These businesses can then redeem the value of these gift cards with Southwest Partners. So far, the program has generated nearly $100,000, helping stimulate local economies and keep small businesses operating through these tough times. 

Through Savion’s COVID Relief Effort, the company provided financial support to a dozen different organizations in 7 states, donating over $40,000 to help food banks, senior centers, school districts and other essential businesses through this crisis.

Summit Ridge Energy Commits $150,000 to Assisting Community Solar Subscribers in Illinois
As Americans endure economic uncertainty in the face of COVID-19, one solar company is providing relief to thousands of community solar subscribers in Illinois. Through Arcadia Power’s Good Energy Initiative, Summit Ridge Energy (SRE) provided a $25 credit to the first 6,000 customers who subscribe to a community solar project through the Arcadia platform. This amounted to more than $150,000 in energy assistance.

“Every household has an energy bill that comes due each month,” said Summit Ridge CEO, Steve Raeder. “SRE wants to do its part during these challenging times by providing extra financial assistance for thousands of homeowners and renters, who by signing up to community solar projects not only reduce their electricity bill, but also help support one of the nation’s most prolific job creation engines — the clean energy economy.”

Summit Ridge Energy also donated to So Others Might Eat and N St Village, two nonprofit organizations in Washington, DC that work to end homelessness in the DC area. Summit Ridge Energy conducted a two-week donation drive for the nonprofits, raising a total of $2,800.

Nexamp Donates PPE to Front Line Workers, Funds Food Banks During COVID-19 Crisis

PPE for fire department


Image courtesy of Nexamp

Boston-based solar company Nexamp generously donated approximately $170,000 to more than a dozen food banks in 9 states in the Feeding America network. The money was raised through an ambitious 2:1 corporate matching program established by Nexamp leadership. The goal was to raise $50,000 from employees for a total of $150,000, but employees went above and beyond to surpass that goal. 

The company also leveraged its network of suppliers to help local healthcare workers overwhelmed by the pandemic. The company allocated $75,000 to procure and donate personal protective equipment (PPE) like gloves and masks to local front-line workers and healthcare facilities. This came at a time when many organizations were having a difficult time sourcing much needed PPE for themselves.

“By definition, our business is all about communities,” said Nexamp CEO Zaid Ashai. “A core part of our corporate values is a deep-rooted commitment to the communities in which we live and work. With the current crisis we face, we decided the most immediate needs in communities are access to food and availability of adequate PPE.”

Clearway Energy Group Staff Work Together to Support 40 Non-profits at the Front Lines of the Pandemic

Check from Clearway Energy





Image courtesy of Clearway Energy Group

When the COVID-19 pandemic took its toll on communities across the country, Clearway Energy Group turned to colleagues across the country to help identify local organizations in need. Clearway staff identified dozens of nonprofits they could support in the communities where they live and operate nationwide. Altogether, Clearway donated nearly $500,000 to more than 40 organizations providing local relief. For some of the beneficiaries, a single donation of $5,000 provided over 25,000 local meals to those in need.

CS Energy Provides HealthCare Workers and First Responders with Hand Sanitizer and Protective Equipment 

CS Energy, a New Jersey-based solar company, donated over $20,000 worth of goods to medical centers and other critical organizations in New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts, and Virginia. The company provided hand sanitizer to facilities in need and kits of other critical supplies for front-line workers.

Longi Solar Donates $18,000 Worth of Masks to Essential Workers

As COVID-19 surges across the United States, many hospitals have found themselves in short supply of protective equipment like masks. The U.S. branch of LONGi Solar, an international solar manufacturer, donated 19,000 surgical masks and 1,000 N95 masks to doctors, nurses and other essential workers on the frontlines of the response to the pandemic. LONGi Solar contributed more than $18,000 to essential workers, helping to protect our nation’s heroes as they risk their lives to protect and serve all Americans.

Four months after the start of the pandemic, financing challenges and project delays continue to impact solar companies of all sizes. Despite these challenges, these solar companies and many others share a deep connection with the communities they serve. 

We thank all of the solar companies that continue to donate their time, money and resources to help Americans in need. 

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