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A Special Labor Day Message to Solar Workers

Monday, Sep 03 2018

SEIA Comms Team
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In the solar industry, our single most important resource, besides the sun, is our workers. What makes this industry so exciting and rewarding to be a part of isn’t just the cool technology we get to deploy or this massive undertaking of changing the energy business, it’s the caliber and passion of the 250,000-plus solar workers making it all happen.

When SEIA refers to workers, we mean everyone from the designers to the construction workers to the residential sales people pounding the pavement. The roots of Labor Day came out of the union movement in the late 19th century, and we’re using the holiday to celebrate everyone who lends a hand in this transformational industry.

Beyond the sheer number of jobs the solar industry is creating, it's also fascinating how diverse positions are throughout the value chain. We have scientists and engineers innovating in the labs. There are manufacturers making modules, inverters, racking systems and other components. Software specialists are smoothing out the customer acquisition process and creating programs to squeeze every kilowatt-hour of generation out of solar arrays.

We also can’t forget the financial and real estate development professionals, who make and close deals, or the electricians, mechanical installers and other folks who build, commission, and maintain the millions of solar systems, large and small, across the country. Finally, we also want to recognize the back-office folks who make sure the checks are cashed and the bills are paid, the logistics masters managing flow of shipments and deliveries, and the marketing teams promoting products and services and spreading the solar message.

So when you’re firing up your grill for a Labor Day barbecue and enjoying the last days of summer with family and friends, take a moment to salute yourselves, the amazing workers in the solar industry.

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