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California Solar PAC


The near-term growth of the U.S. solar industry is dependent, in part, on strong national and state-level policy. One way SEIA can be an effective advocate for the solar industry is by supporting candidates for public office. As a maturing industry, we have a responsibility to support policymakers who will back pro-solar policies and provide financial contributions to the political campaigns of key policymakers.

The California Solar Political Action Committee (CA SolarPAC) is a bipartisan committee which exists to elect, educate and build rapport with elected leaders and officials who understand the impact of the solar industry in California.

Running for election in California can cost upwards of $300,000. Having a CA SolarPAC gives SEIA and the industry we represent the opportunity to support state and local candidates who are committed to expanding the use of solar technologies in the marketplace and who will promote a legislative and regulatory climate favorable to our industry.