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Tuesday, Nov 07, 2017

Allie Enck

Allie is a Membership Account Manager and is responsible for onboarding and engagement of SEIA’s members, primarily in the installer, legal, consultant, government, and marketing sectors. She helps members understand the benefits and value of their SEIA memberships.

Wednesday, Jun 21, 2017

Jordan Slade

As a Membership Development Manager at SEIA, Jordan is responsible for establishing national membership revenue on the West Coast.

Friday, Feb 17, 2017

Khephren Menna

As a Membership Account Manager, Khephren is responsible for member retention and support, helping members make the most of their membership with SEIA.

Monday, Nov 07, 2016

Alice Goldberg

As Membership Development Manager, Alice helps companies on the east coast who are project developers, EPC's, non profits, and education centers to introduce all that SEIA can do to promote and grow their businesses and organizations.

Friday, Jul 08, 2016

David Holsopple

As Membership Development Manager at SEIA, David is responsible for identifying and expanding new membership opportunities across the US and globe – primarily in the Manufacturing, Distribution, and Research sectors.

Monday, Apr 20, 2015

Antuan Scott

As a Membership Recruitment Manager, Antuan is responsible for augmenting national membership revenue. He specializes in new membership among Financial Institutions, Law Firms, Installers, Contractors, Consultants, Service Providers, and others.

Wednesday, Feb 26, 2014

Thomas Kiggen

As Director of Membership, Thomas is responsible for planning and implementing sales, marketing and member engagement programs, and increasing SEIA’s national presence through new member recruitment.

Thursday, Jan 16, 2014

Christina Brooks

Christina Brooks is the Operations Manager - Membership and is responsible for streamlining operations, increasing the effectiveness & efficiency of operational systems, processes & policies to support the Membership department.

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