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John Nimmons & Associates, Inc.


John Nimmons & Associates, Inc. specializes in professional and legal services that support sustainable energy development and innovative energy technologies. We work both collaboratively and as advocates for clients that include industry; investor- and publicly-owned utilities; federal, state and local government; research organizations; and public interest groups. We help clients understand how law, regulation and public policy initiatives impact the development and deployment of sustainable energy technologies, and we help shape policy, regulatory incentives and legislation that support their objectives. We also help design and implement strategies, programs and projects to commercialize and deploy distributed energy resources, concentrating on renewables and high-efficency supply technologies such as fuel cells, CHP, community and district energy systems, and other emerging energy technologies. We often assemble and manage consultant teams that include specialists in business, finance, economics, engineering, utility and environmental regulation, and related fields.

Former Member
175 Elinor Ave Ste G
Mill Valley