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Forced Labor Prevention and the Hoshine WRO: What Solar Businesses Need to Know

Event Detail

In June 2021, U.S. Customs & Border Protection issued a withhold-release order (WRO) against products containing silica from Hoshine Silicon Industry Co., impacting solar imports which are now subject to customs enforcement activity, including import detention. While this has impacted the U.S. solar industry, companies are starting to make progress working with CBP in submitting the information required to demonstrate their imports are free of forced labor and getting goods released from detention. Many questions remain, however, regarding the WRO process overall and what the future holds for solar imports and forced labor enforcement.

As part of its collaboration with CBP to prevent forced labor in the solar supply chain and advance legitimate trade, SEIA is hosting a webinar to help companies better understand the WRO process and learn about best practices. You will hear directly from CBP officials and have the opportunity to participate in Q&A. Please join us for this important event.


  • John Smirnow, General Counsel & Vice President of Market Strategy, SEIA
  • AnnMarie Highsmith, Executive Assistant Commissioner, Office of Trade, Customs & Border Protection
  • Josephine Baiamonte, Senior Policy Advisor, Forced Labor Division, Office of Trade, Customs & Border Protection
  • Eric Choy, Acting Executive Director, Trade Remedy Law Enforcement Directorate, Office of Trade, Customs & Border Protection
  • Alan Aprea, Acting Center Director, Electronics Center of Excellence and Expertise, Customs & Border Protection

Cost: Free for SEIA members and nonmembers