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NREL Solar TRACE and SolarAPP+ Roundtable

Event Detail

Join SEIA and NREL on Wednesday, April 14th for a demonstration and roundtable discussion featuring the newly launched Solar TRACE and SolarAPP+. Solar TRACE will strengthen the ability for jurisdictions and utilities to identify opportunities to improve their permitting, inspection and interconnection (PII) cycle-time, accelerating realization of shorter cycle-times with the adoption of Solar APP+. 

The roundtable will include key members of the SolarAPP+ development and implementation team who will discuss how these two tools can achieve joint civic and industry goals through insight gained from Solar TRACE and the adoption and implementation of SolarAPP+. The roundtable will also feature local government and utility representatives that have adopted a wide range of other best practices to improve the efficiency of PII in their area.

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  • Evelyn Butler, Vice President of Technical Services, SEIA
  • Jeff Cook, Renewable Energy Policy and Market Analyst, NREL
  • Justin Baca, Vice President of Markets & Research, SEIA
  • Peter Jackson, Chief Electrical Inspector, City of Bakersfield, CA
  • Crissy Coonrod, General Manager, Titan Solar Power


Free for SEIA members and non-members