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Solar and Energy Storage Southeast

Event Detail

Solar and Energy Storage Southeast brings together those that are doing business in the region, or would like to conduct more business in the region to discuss strategies, market trends in the southeast, policy updates that impact businesses, and numerous networking opportunities to make more connections.

The Southeastern United States produces some of the highest peak sun hours in the nation. This helps make the region a hotbed for energy potential. North Carolina, Georgia, and Florida are all projected to be top 10 solar states in the next 5 years. Roughly 23,000 solar workers come from North Carolina, Georgia, Florida and Tennessee.

Conference attendees are currently doing business in the Southeast, or would like to grow their business in the region. Attendees participate in in-depth and forward-looking discussions on policy, regulatory, and technical topics facing the industry in the Southeastern United States. Attendees come to network and gain more industry contacts, or to learn more about the business and policy of the region.

Monday, Oct 11 2021
Tuesday, Oct 12 2021