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Solar+ Manufacturing Summit

Event Detail

The Solar+ Manufacturing Summit will bring together leaders in manufacturing to discuss pathways and policies for building a strong domestic supply chain for solar and other clean energy technologies. Featuring experts from industry, federal and state government, the academic community, and research institutions, the Summit will serve as an incubator for ideas to increase manufacturing for solar products and adjacent technologies in the U.S. Attendees will hear best practices from representatives of other industries with strong domestic manufacturing, and contribute to conversations about the right policy frameworks to encourage investment in new manufacturing facilities. Don’t miss this first-of-its-kind event to help SEIA and the industry develop this key component of the Solar+ Vision, and spur the necessary investments in domestic manufacturing to support our goal of reaching 20% of electricity generation by 2030.

Sessions Will Include:


U.S. Manufacturing Success Stories & Lessons Learned
  • Hear from industries who have successfully built strong U.S. supply chains about the policy and market dynamics that led to their growth, and how these lessons may apply to expanding domestic solar manufacturing.
Solar+ Manufacturing Today
  • What is the current state of domestic solar manufacturing? Hear from executives and industry leaders at the cutting edge of solar+ manufacturing.
Federal R&D Investments in Solar+ Manufacturing
  • Learn about the Department of Energy and other federal government agencies supporting R&D and manufacturing for solar technologies. Hear from these experts on the latest trends and how the industry can successfully bring them to market. 

State Investments in Manufacturing
  • State and local governments are at the forefront for encouraging new domestic manufacturing, and recent success stories have highlighted their importance in supporting domestic solar+ manufacturing. Learn from state and local governments how these models and programs can be applied around the country.

17 E Monroe Street
Chicago, IL 60603
United States