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State of the Inflation Reduction Act: Reflections On the First Six Months of the Most Ambitious Clean Energy Law in History

Event Detail

When President Biden signed the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) into law on August 16, 2022, the solar and storage industry celebrated a historic milestone in accelerating deployment to reach our goal for solar to achieve 30% of U.S. electricity generation by 2030. But we were clear-eyed about the significant work that lay ahead, including successful implementation of the law through guidance and regulation from a host of different federal agencies, getting concise and easy-to-understand information on the law’s benefits into the hands of consumers, and building bipartisan political support for its many provisions to ensure a durable and predictable legal landscape for decades to come.

In SEIA’s first comprehensive public webinar on the IRA in 2023, our experts reflect on how far we’ve come in just six months post-enactment, the issues that industry and federal agencies are working to address today, and the challenges that lay ahead in the runup to the 2024 elections.

Webinar attendees will have 90 minutes to hear from four SEIA leaders on the front lines of implementation and IRA politics, including Q&A, where they will learn about:

  • All of the IRA guidance, requests for information, and other materials released since August 2022
  • Details on the Treasury Department’s much anticipated initial guidance document on prevailing wage and apprenticeship requirements to claim additional tax credits
  • Resources available to developers and contractors on apprenticeship programs
  • The evolving politics of the IRA in a divided Congress and an upcoming presidential election 


  • Erin Duncan, VP of Congressional Affairs, SEIA
  • Ben Norris, Senior Director of Regulatory Affairs, SEIA
  • Jeremy Woodrum, Senior Director of Congressional Affairs, SEIA
  • Becky Long, Senior Program Manager, SEIA

Cost: Free for SEIA Members, $95 for nonmembers