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Webinar: Solar Integrated Roofing – Lessons Learned from Residential Installations

Event Detail

Join SEIA and the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) for a deep-dive into lessons learned from installing roofing-integrated solar photovoltaic systems. NREL will share research on roofing integrated PV products in the residential market segment and where markets seem to be growing nationwide. NREL will also provide insights from on-the-ground observations or time and motion studies of various roofing-integrated PV installations.

NREL will also summarize lessons learned from the installers of these products. You will have also have the chance to offer your perspective on installing or otherwise working with these products in your portfolio and have your questions answered regarding how the products are installed today.

View the report here.


  • Justin Baca, VP of Markets and Research, SEIA
  • Jeff Cook PhD, Solar Analysis Subprogram Manager, NREL

Cost: Free for SEIA members and non-members