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About the SEIA Trade Council


The SEIA Trade Council will be comprised of members who choose to contribute at a significant level beyond dues levels to SEIA’s opposition effort to the Suniva petition.  The threshold established by the Board is $100k beyond dues. While the Board will always remain by law the body responsible for the activities of SEIA and will receive periodic briefings on trade issues, members of the Trade Council will receive in addition:

  • Ability to engage in strategic decision-making based on SEIA's leadership position approved by the SEIA board
  • Participation on weekly calls with SEIA CEO Abby Hopper, SEIA leads on all aspects of the case (lobbying, legal, communications, research), and outside experts (e.g., attorneys, lobbyists, communications experts) as they brief you on the latest updates of the case and answer your questions.
  • Recognition of the highest order, as appropriate, in materials and advertisements produced by SEIA, highlighting your company's level of contribution.
  • Access to communications and research that can help inform your decisions within your company.
  • Discussions on a periodic basis with prominent figures lobbying on behalf of SEIA, such as Trent Lott, regarding lobbying tactics should this case enter remedy (Phase II) and/or executive branch phases (Phase III)
  • Although SEIA always seeks active engagement from its Board, the Board's role is setting the strategic direction for SEIA. The Trade Council will meet much more frequently than the Board and provide important input to the day-to-day actions of SEIA in this case.