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How to Get Involved with the SHC Alliance


There are three easy steps to take to become involved with the SHC Alliance:

  1. Join SEIA and ask to be placed in the SHC Alliance. For membership benefits to joining the SHC Alliance, please contact Membership.
  2. Make an additional contribution to the SHC Advocacy Fund if your company so desires!
  3. Become active in the SHC Alliance for the most value for your membership!

Help Impact Policy – Donate to the SHC Advocacy Fund

The U.S. Solar Heating & Cooling Alliance is supported by SEIA and through contributions from industry members to the U.S. Solar Heating & Cooling Advocacy Fund. Contribution to the SHC Advocacy Fund is not in lieu of dues to the SHC Alliance, which are mandatory at the amount specified by the appropriate membership category.

Both SEIA Members and non-members can contribute directly to the Fund. The U.S. Solar Heating and Cooling Alliance Council will work in cooperation with Alliance membership to determine how the funds can be used to provide the greatest impact for the industry. All initiatives are aimed at reducing barriers and advocating for policies on the federal, state, and local levels for solar heating and cooling technologies.