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Solar Heating & Cooling Technologies

While the solar industry focuses mainly on electrical generation, nearly half of U.S. energy is used for thermal applications - space heating, cooling, ventilation, water heating and industrial processes. Solar heating and cooling (SHC) technologies meet these heating/cooling needs directly using reliable, time-tested equipment and proven designs with documented success worldwide. Solar thermal technologies can help residential, commercial and industrial buildings become more energy efficient, helping consumers and businesses save money, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and support manufacturing and installation jobs. The SHC Alliance, a division of the Solar Energy Industries Association, invites you to join an alliance focused on growing the solar heating & cooling market through reducing barriers and advocating for policies on the federal, state, and local levels.

Extend the California Solar Initiative Thermal Program

The California Soar Initiative (CSI) Thermal program provides rebates to customers to install solar water and air heating systems on their homes and businesses, reducing California’s natural gas use and greenhouse gas emissions. Now that the CSI program is finally working as originally intended, the state of California should extend it for a long enough period of time for the industry to invest in SHC growth. That’s why SEIA’s SHC Alliance supports Assembly Bill 797, which would revise the program and extend the program’s funding for six years to 2023 while providing significant resources for solar thermal on low-income housing and buildings in disadvantaged communities. In doing so, the state of California will be supporting manufacturing and installation jobs, and helping lower energy bills, especially for low-income households.

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