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The price of solar could double if Suniva and SolarWorld get their way

Save America's Solar Jobs


The United States is a global leader in clean energy. Last year, solar energy was the #1 source of new electricity in America and is poised for another strong year in 2017. There is now enough solar electricity in this great country to power 9.1 million homes and we are powering some of America’s leading businesses including Target, Walmart, Apple and General Motors. All this activity translates to real American jobs.

But there is an existential threat to the solar industry and to those across America who create economic growth using free and fair trade. A petition filed with the International Trade Commission (ITC) by Georgia-based Suniva, inc. after it filed for bankruptcy protection could double the price of solar panels and stop solar growth dead in its tracks.

SEIA is leading the fight to turn back this ill-advised petition, but we need your support.