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SEIA National PV Recycling Program


The Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) and its members are committed to responsible end-of-life management and are proactively developing recycling best practices for the solar and storage industry.  

While many module manufacturers already operate take-back and recycling programs for their products, SEIA is working with its members to create a robust recycling network to ensure the clean energy economy remains sustainable for years to come.  

The National PV Recycling Program, founded in 2016, is a network of recycling and refurbishment providers that can provide end-of-life management services to solar and storage installers, project and system owners, developers, distributors and other parties. These organizations are capable of providing repair, refurbish, resale, and recycling services for PV modules, inverters and other solar equipment.    

Current partners include:  

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SEIA is actively seeking new PV end-of-life management partners across the United States. Contact information is listed below.