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SEIA National PV Recycling Program


Members of the Solar Energy Industries Association® (SEIA) are committed to responsible end-of-life management and are proactively developing collection and recycling processes for the solar industry. Many SEIA member module manufacturers already operate take-back and recycling programs for their products.

By creating a member-based program that aggregates the services offered by recycling vendors and PV manufacturers, SEIA is making it easier to select a cost-effective and environmentally responsible end-of-life management solution. This effort also enables others in industry to access recyclers for their disposal needs.

SEIA’s PV Recycling Working Group chooses Preferred Recycling Partners through an evaluation process that may include a site visit. These vendors outline specific pricing and program benefits only available SEIA members, such as:

  • Access to SEIA vetted PV recycling vendors and service providers
  • Single point of contact for vendors
  • Exclusive pricing regardless of size / volume for members vs. public pricing (note that this discount varies by vendor)
  • Minimum quantities normally aggregated at the waste generator level are now aggregated at a total member-level (may vary by vendor)
  • Engagement in recycling process improvement as waste volume increases and as vendor network grows
  • Access to data on industry-level recycling (approx. 2-3 years into process)

These partners are capable of recycling PV modules, inverters and other related equipment today. We are developing new partners across the country to help them become capable of recycling PV modules.