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Standards Development

SEIA is taking steps to mitigate risks and lead the solar and storage industries by developing national standards that will build upon SEIA’s Solar+ Decade goals. By developing accredited national standards, SEIA is proactively tackling issues that build confidence among customers, regulators, investors, rating agencies, and other stakeholders. These standards will contribute assurance that solar and storage systems have been ethically, sustainably, and responsibly sourced, manufactured, transported, installed, operated, and recycled.

Executive Standards Committee Leadership Team

The Executive Standards Committee is the guiding body responsible for management and oversight of SEIA’s standards.

Executive Standards Committee Leadership Team:

The Executive Standards Committee is the guiding body responsible for management and oversight of SEIA’s standards. 

  • Scott Butin, P.E., Vice President, Project Manager/Underwriter – U.S. Bancorp Community Development Corporation 

  • Alyssa Edwards, VP Environmental Affairs and Government Relations – Lightsource bp 

  • David Fein, Director, Government Affairs – Sunnova Energy Corporation 

  • Jessica Lawrence-Vaca, Vice President of Government Affairs – SOLV Energy 

  • Jason Simon, CFA, Head of Policy and Government Affairs – Enphase Energy 

  • Abigail Ross Hopper, President and CEO – Solar Energy Industries Association 

  • Evelyn Butler, Vice President of Technical Services, Chair – Solar Energy Industries Association 

  • Jennifer Martin, Director of Standards Development, Executive Administrator – Solar Energy Industries Association 

  • Justin Baca, Vice President of Markets & Research – Solar Energy Industries Association 

  • Erin Duncan, Vice President of Congressional Affairs – Solar Energy Industries Association 

  • Sean Gallagher, Vice President of State & Regulatory Affairs – Solar Energy Industries Association 

  • Colin Silver, Chief of Staff & Chief Content Officer – Solar Energy Industries Association 

  • John Smirnow, General Counsel & Vice President of Market Strategy – Solar Energy Industries Association 

  • Erika Symmonds, Vice President of Equity & Workforce Development – Solar Energy Industries Association 

Standards Technical Committees

By bringing together industry experts and other stakeholders, SEIA standards improve the functionality of solar, energy storage, and other renewable energy generation and transmission. Participating in SEIA standards offers companies, investors, insurers, contractors, academia, the general public, and other stakeholders that are directly impacted, the opportunity to influence the standards development process.  

SEIA invites any person with a direct or material interest to apply. Interested individuals can apply for a SEIA Standards Technical Committee by completing and submitting an application to [email protected]. A representative from SEIA will review your information and contact you if a seat becomes vacant. Download the application here.

Traceability Standards Technical Committee Application
Installation Standards Technical Committee Application

Feedback and New Proposals

SEIA encourages all interested stakeholders to provide technical comments on proposed standards during the announced formal public comment periods. This critical part of the open development process ensures that a consensus of those directly affected by the standards has been achieved.  

All feedback within the scope of SEIA Standards must be submitted to the SEIA Executive Administrator. Proposals without adequate justification risk rejection or referral to originator. To propose, amend, or revise a SEIA standard, complete and submit the following form to [email protected].  

Standard Proposal, Amendment, or Revisions Form
Standards Appeal Form

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