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88,000 U.S. jobs are at risk if new solar tariffs are applied

Suniva Trade Case: SEIA's Position


Although we strongly support U.S. manufacturing, SEIA has publicly taken the position against this petition to avoid damage to the 9,000 companies and 258,000 jobs in parts of the solar industry other than CSPV cell manufacturers. We have already undertaken a variety of actions to ensure that the ITC is well informed about the consequences of any potential remedies, including sending a formal letter to the Commission to explain our opposition, as well as submitting our comments on why we feel Suniva does not adequately represent the CSPV manufacturing sector. In advance of the ITC's formal injury hearing, SEIA submitted formal comments, an executive summary of which can be found here

SEIA will continue to fight for trade policies that support the entire solar industry, via strategic efforts in legal, advocacy, research and communications.